‘Sustainability’, the key to today’s packaging market

Leander Ots

Published March 2017

If anyone was still unsure as to the direction the packaging industry is taking, the 2017 Packaging Innovations trade show left little doubt. Sustainability, ‘doing more with less’ and ‘leaving things better than we find them’ were the mantras of the event. A diversified set of opinions on how to achieve such goals were shared. Beverage maker Innocent was keen to generate interest for its move towards plant-based polymers, while e-commerce giant Amazon is continuing to decrease its environmental footprint through a concerted effort to keep its packaging to a bare minimum.   

This year is set to be an interesting one. With eco-friendly legislation in the USA likely to hit a wall with the new administration and Brexit causing uncertainty about the direction of the UK Government’s environmental policies, self-regulation will become a more common feature within the market. As sustainability credentials become increasingly important to end-use customers, innovation in the field is only set to continue.  

My thinking

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